Case study:
Learn how Kolme Group has planted more than 4,500 trees and seen 8% growth in billable hours.

Kolme Group is a long-time customer of TimeJam and quickly adoptedTimeJam's new solution 🌳 Plant-A-Tree 🌳, where a tree is planted for each compliant timesheet completed by the employees at Kolme Group.


Kolme Group is a global consulting firm, helping organizations maximize the value of their Project Management and Project Management Office functions. They are a diverse team working fully remotely across many timezones, are growing fast, and are more than 35 employees.

Matt Henderson, Partner and Co-founder, Kolme Group

"I shudder at the thought of inaccurate data and that we are potentially losing out on revenue."

Why did you choose TimeJam?

As we engaged with TimeJam and learned more about the product, I immediately flashed back to when I was a consultant. The firm I worked for required timesheets to be in by Monday mornings.  So, other consultants and I would inevitably spend Friday afternoon, updating our time.  

To say that we all ‘hated’ this process was an understatement.  Sitting in the office on a Friday afternoon trying to remember what you did on Monday, was a struggle.  It was hard enough to remember exactly what I did the day before!  I would have to review my calendar, email, and journals to get some kind of best guess of where to put my time. 

Now, I have responsibility for managing the costs and revenue of Kolme I shudder at the thought of inaccurate data and that we are potentially losing out on revenue. The TimeJam concept is so simple but powerful. Having time entered daily is critical to accurate time reporting.  And, making it fun, is just icing on the cake.

How has Plant-A-Tree helped Kolme Group achieve its goals?

At first, we organized our teams and offered small gift cards to the winners. After a few months, a couple of team members asked for the possibility of donating their prize to a charity rather than receiving it directly.

We thought this was a great idea and looked for local charities. However, the Plant-a-Tree solution was presented to us by TimeJam, and we thought that would be a great solution.

As an organization, it is important for us to give back to our communities. But, as a virtual organization, our ‘community’ is global. So, Plant-a-tree is a great way for us to give back in a meaningful way.

As we see our frequent TimeJam standing updates, we also get a running count of how many trees we’ve planted as an organization. And today, that is over 4,500 trees – this year alone (2022).  A great accomplishment that I am really proud of.

"And, as of today that
is over 4,500 trees
– this year alone.
A great accomplishment
that I am really proud of."

"However, after normalizing the data and
doing some analysis, I was surprised that we
saw an 8% growth
of billable hours
month over month."

What quantifiable results have you seen?

I knew we would see some increase.  Entering time data in near-real-time would provide a more accurate picture of where one spends time in a day.

However, after normalizing the data and doing some analysis, I was surprised that we saw an 8% growth of billable hours, month over month. 

So, visualize your team bills 100 hours a month. Using TimeJam, we now bill 108 hours a month, resulting in a significant increase in revenue with relatively little cost.  

Depending on your organization, extrapolate those numbers 10x or 20x to see the extent that you are losing out on potential revenue.

We’ve even added client-facing, but not-billable, resources into TimeJam groups so we can get a more accurate picture on other tasks, such as pre- and post-sales support.

Would you recommend the solution to other companies?

When we were first introduced to TimeJam, I immediately saw the value. It was revolutionary to get people to enter time daily when the details were fresh and enjoy entering it.

Even if we got 1% better data daily across the company, we would quickly recoup the costs of TimeJam and positively impact the bottom line. 

Working with the team from TimeJam was easy, and getting the systems set up and connected took no time.

We setup our TimeJam teams as cross-functional, allowing for a mix of client facing and internal teammates.  The teams quickly became competitive and had some good-natured ribbing in our Slack channels.  

At first, some teammates missed the time deadlines, resulting in fewer points for the team. We saw teams self-corrected this behavior consistently, and team members generally did not want to let their team down. 

If you are an organization that bills time to your clients, TimeJam is a must have.  You may not see dramatic results as Kolme did, but I guarantee if you are not tracking time daily, you will see better data reporting with TimeJam. That hopefully translates into increased revenue! 

Even if you are not a services organization if you track time and use time data for any type of internal metrics, such as baselining development efforts, or understanding pre- or post-sales costs, utilizing Timejam will give you the best chance of attaining accurate data to help you make business decisions.

"If you are an
organization that bills time to your clients,
I would go so far to suggest that TimeJam is a must have."